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Everyone has an imagination.  Some put it on paper so you can read it.  Some paint it on a canvas so you can see it.  Some turn it into theme parks or museums so you can experience and enjoy it.  But does imagination have taste?   Can imagination venture past just what you see, hear, and touch? Can it transform into a tasteful delight?
Since she was a little girl, Tamesha P has been a student of the kitchen.  Baking has not been a hobby, but a way to display her imagination where passion meets creativity bundled in taste. In the home of Tamesha Patrice she began baking dessert cakes and homemade desserts for friends and family as an expression of love and appreciation which was common as she loves all things culinary. The passion for creating quickly progressed into a plan to fulfill a lifelong dream.  This God given talent to create and satisfy taste buds has filled the bellies of many across the greater Milwaukee area and surrounding communities.
Baked Dreams Bakery was born in 2012 and has since been re-branded as Baked Dreams Creations in 2018. Baked Dreams specializes in delicious desserts, cakes, cheesecakes, celebration cakes of all kinds using the finest of ingredients, from scratch recipes, fresh products, and guaranteed freshness. Baked Dreams Creations has grown progressively over the years and is still growing with one major goal and that is to be everything, you have ever dreamed of in service and products! So whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or a special event, Baked Dreams Creations is guaranteed to make your desserts everything you ever dreamed of.


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